What have I done?

What have I done? - One of the questions lots of moms make to themselves during the baby blues. Of course, with it comes the regret of even thinking it. But we can't deny the feeling that our life just got destroyed. And, at the same time, got a new reason.

My dear baby bump

I know some women don't like to be pregnant. Of course, there is a lot of odds. But now, 7 weeks after baby, I'm already missing my pregnant belly. You know why? Because, when you're pregnant, it's all about you.

Baby blues*

I heard about the baby blues. But I did not believe in it. I mean, I know I already love this baby even before I have it, why would I feel sad or whatever when he arrives?

First thoughts*

After we found out that we are gonna be a parent, all kinds of concerns, questions, guilts, discomforts, anxiety, fears get us and they will most likely last forever in different levels and circumstances.

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